Hier findet ihr unser Tanzrepertoire





146 Ah Si!

145 Book Of Life

144 Coastin

143 Come Dance With Me

142 Cowboy Boogie     

141 Happy, Happy, Happy

140 Heyday Tonight

139 Joana

138 Lonely Drum

137 P3

136 Power

135 Queen Of Hearts

134 Seminole Wind

133 Sugar & Pai

132 Take A Little Drive

131 Tell The World

130 The River

129 Toes



128  Big Blue Tree

127  Calm After The Storm

126  Come To Dance

125  Corn Don't Grow

124  Country In My Genes

123  Cut A Rug

122  Footloose

121  Go Mama Go

120  High Cotton

119  Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll

118  Is It Friday Yet ?

117  It's America

116  Jolene, Jolene

115  Patsy Fagan

114  Photograph

113  Rock Around The Clock

112  Rolling Away

111  T. L. C.

110  Turn It On Cowboy

109  Twist & Shake



108  Alcohol                              

107  Cabo San Lucas                         

106  Eyes Wide Open

105  Friends For Ten

104  Geronimo

103  Good Day To Run

102  Good Time Girls

101  Kill The Spiders

100  Kiss My Country Ass

099  Love U 2 Much

098  Some Beach

097  Stop And Cafe

096  Sunbeam

095  Tag On

094  Tears On A Highway

093  The Boat To Liverpool

092  Wild Stallion



091  8 Ball

090  All Shook Up

089  Celtic Stomp

088  Country 2 Step

087  Cowboy Charleston

086  Don't You Wish

085  Firestrom

084  Ghost Train

083  Last Christmas

082  Last Night

081  Lindi Shuffle

080  Lord Help Me

079  Love Trick

078  Mama's Pearls

077  Mexi Fest

076  Senorita Margarita

075  Silverado

074  Sweet Sweet Smile

073  The Trail

072  The Travellin' Cowboy

071  Where I Belong

070  White Rose



069  Beautiful Day

068  Blanket On The Ground

067  Buddy

066  Closer

065  Disappearing Tail Lights

064  Doctor, Doctor

063  Dog River Blues

062  Go Cat Go

061  I Am

060  Jailhouse Creole

059  Not Fair

058  Rose Garden

057  Shout Shout

056  Speak To The Sky

055  Truck A Truck

054  Walking Backwards

053  Wishful Thinking



052  Abbronzatissima

051  All Good

050  Bandido's Last Ride

049  Bossa Nova

048  Chica Boom Boom

047  Crazy Foot Mambo

046  Dizzy

045  Feliz Navidad

044  Galway Girls

043  Going Back West

042  Inspiration

041  Jacob's Ladder

040  Leaving Of Liverpool

039  My New Life

038  People Are Crazy

037  Rhyme Or Reason

036  Stroll Along Cha Cha

035  Tango With The Sheriff

034  Telepathy

033  Under The Sun

032  Walk Of Life



031  Black Coffee
030  Black Velvet

029  Bonita

028  Bread And Butter

027  Cajun Slap

026  Chattahoochee

025  Cotton Pickin' Morning

024  Country Walkin'

023  Foot Boogie

022  Good Time
021  Hearts And Flowers

020  Irish Stew

019  Mamma Maria

018  Neon Moon

017  Ros-A-Lee

016  Sassy Shaney

015  Shadow

014  Shakin Mix

013  Something In The Water

012  Summer Fly

011  The Bremer

010  Thousand Years

009  Timeless

008  Tush Push

007  Virginia Country Line



006  Boot Scootin' Boogie

005  Canadian Stomp

004  Electric Slide

003  Honky Tonk Stomp
002  Hully Gully

001  It's So Easy





Ah Si!

Book Of Life


Come Dance With Me

Cowboy Boogie

Happy, Happy, Happy

Heyday Tonight


Lonely Drum

P 3


Queen Of Hearts

Seminole Wind

Sugar & Pai

Take A Little Drive

Tell The World

The River




Big Blue Tree

Calm After The Storm

Come To Dance

Corn Don't Grow

Country In My Genes

Cut A Rug


Go Mama Go

High Cotton

Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll

Is It Friday Yet ?

It's America

Jolene, Jolene

Patsy Fagan


Rock Around The Rock

Rolling Away

T. L. C.

Turn It On Cowboy

Twist & Shake




Cabo San Lucas                         

Eyes Wide Open

Friends For Ten


Good Day To Run

Good Time Girls

Kill The Spiders

Kiss My Country Ass

Love U 2 Much

Some Beach

Stop And Cafe


Tag On

Tears On A Highway

The Boat To Liverpool

Wild Stallion



8 Ball

All Shook Up

Celtic Stomp

Country 2 Step

Cowboy Charleston

Don't You Wish


Ghost Train

Last Christmas

Last Night

Lindi Shuffle

Lord Help Me

Love Trick

Mama's Pearls

Mexi Fest

Senorita Margarita


Sweet Sweet Smile

The Trail

The Travellin' Cowboy

Where I Belong

White Rose



Beautiful Day

Blanket On The Ground



Disappearing Tail Lights

Doctor, Doctor

Dog River Blues

Go Cat Go

I Am

Jailhouse Creole

Not Fair

Rose Garden

Shout Shout

Speak To The Sky

Truck A Truck

Walking Backwards

Wishful Thinking




All Good

Bandido's Last Ride

Bossa Nova

Chica Boom Boom

Crazy Foot Mambo


Feliz Navidad

Galway Girls

Going Back West


Jacob's Ladder

Leaving Of Liverpool

My New Life

People Are Crazy

Rhyme Or Reason

Stroll Along Cha Cha

Tango With The Sheriff


Under The Sun

Walk Of Life



Black Coffee
Black Velvet


Bread And Butter

Cajun Slap


Cotton Pickin' Morning

Country Walkin'

Foot Boogie

Good Time
Hearts And Flowers

Irish Stew

Mamma Maria

Neon Moon


Sassy Shaney


Shakin Mix

Something In The Water

Summer Fly

The Bremer

Thousand Years


Tush Push

Virginia Country Line



Boot Scootin' Boogie

Canadian Stomp

Electric Slide

Honky Tonk Stomp
Hully Gully

It's So Easy


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